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Exercise Task In 2002, the 5 largest countries in the world in population were China, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, in that order. Assume you are the manager of a large multinational firm headquartered in the US. Use the internet to help you answer the questions below about trade and populations in each of these countries. Internet sites: Questions: 1. List the five countries that are estimated to have the largest populations in 2050. 2002 2050 (projected) a. China 1,295,604,000 b. India 1,692,008,000 c. U.S. 403,101,000 d. Indonesia 293,456,000 e. Brazil 222,843,000 Describe why the list is expected to change by 2050. What factors are at play explaining the growth in population among some countries and the rapid decline in population among others? 2.
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ASSIGN%201%20Global%20Data%20Study(1)[1] - Name Assignment...

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