week 1 supplement appendix c

week 1 supplement appendix c - Online Any type of...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Distance Learning Vocabulary Asynchronous Communication Communication between parties who are not together at the same time – Examples might include e-mail, fax, threaded discussions, postal mail, etc. Attendance A record-keeping function that states whether a student was present or not in a class meeting Chat A synchronous discussion between two or more people, held in an online, text-based environment Feedback Information provided to students about the correctness of their work that is meant to help reinforce the concepts taught in the course Internet An electronic system that links computers around the world together and allows commerce, information sharing, education, etc. Forum A component of an online classroom in which threaded discussions take place; some forums are public to all, and others are privately used by specific students and instructors.
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Unformatted text preview: Online Any type of communication or activity using electronic means; files may be stored online, a class may run online, and grades may be accessed online. Participation A graded activity that reflects the amount of involvement in a class meeting; instructors specify the grading of participation in their syllabus. Platform A software package Synchronous Communication between parties where the participants are communicating with each other at the same time – Examples may include communication through telephone, instant messaging, chat, GEN/105 web conferencing, etc. Threaded Discussion A series of connected messages posted to a forum; as with e-mail, topical messages are read and replied to, and conversations can take place in a threaded manner. Web A part of the Internet that uses URLs to find sites GEN/105...
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week 1 supplement appendix c - Online Any type of...

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