week 2 supplement Anthony's Dilemma digital story script

week 2 supplement Anthony's Dilemma digital story script -...

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Axia College Material Text of the Anthony’s Dilemma Digital Story This text provides the script of the Anthony’s Dilemma digital story. Use this text as an alternative or supplement to viewing the digital story itself. Script “Here’s the deal: Yesterday I answered a Discussion Question about business etiquette. No problem, right? Well, apparently I didn’t pay close enough attention to how I phrased my answer because supposedly I really offended a classmate. I was running off to a dinner with friends and had to get it done, so it’s not poetry by any means. Maybe if I read it to you, you could give me a few suggestions? Here’s what I wrote:” Hi guys, At a company conference I saw this business lady give a presentation on etiquette. I was surprised because she had a lot of good things to say…I figured business etiquette would be really corny but believe it or not she actually had some good pointers. So I used some of her tips at the company picnic later that month that all the managers and their wives attended. I’m
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