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week 6 assignment time management skills

week 6 assignment time management skills - Assignment Time...

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Assignment: Time Management Skills How do you establish priorities? The way I establish priorities is by sorting out what is the most important task and what task needs to be done first. Usually my first priority is homework because it has a due date. From there I will make a list of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. I also like to look over everything for the next week that way if I see that I have a larger assignment due and I know I may not be able to complete it on time due to my busy schedule I can then make sure I can set aside enough time throughout the week to be able to complete that assignment on time. Who makes up your support group? My Grandmother and a couple close friends make up my support group. My Grandmother is my number one supporter, she always gives me quiet time to sit down and complete my homework. She is also always wanting to know how I am doing in school. I have a few close friends that are always encouraging me to do well and love to hear when I do do well. I have been able to keep straight A's for
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