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Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension Summary of readings Learning styles are your mind’s particular way of taking in and processing information Personality assessments can help someone understand how they respond to the world around them. Finding the right place and time and minimizing distractions will help you focus on your reading To be a successful reader you have to try to familiarize yourself with material before reading it As you are reading materials become more complex, how much you can comprehend is influenced by your vocabulary
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Unformatted text preview: Questions What was your approach to reading the selection? My approach to reading the selection was to take my time and really comprehend the material at hand. What was your setting? My setting was comfortable and quiet, I like to read with dimmed lights and usually I will lay on the couch to do so that way I am comfortable. How did you minimize distractions? I minimized distractions by turning the television off and setting my phone aside and on silent so it would not disturb me....
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