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week 6 checkpoint legislation legacy

week 6 checkpoint legislation legacy - American...

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The biggest issue between the Native Americans and the federal government is the battle that the Native Americans constantly face to keep their land. The problem started back in the 1800’s when the Native Americans gave most of their land to the federal government. The f ederal government promised the Native Americans that they could live on reservation land and the federal government said, “Trust me”. Since, this agreement the federal government has made this priority last on their list. Many times the agreement is not a priority at all. During this agreement, the federal government also agreed to provide the Native Americans with adequate water supply and appropriate living conditions. The Native
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Unformatted text preview: American reservations are one of the most poorly served communities in regards to power and telecommunication service. To assist these issues and ensure that more attention is given to the Native Americans and their needs legislation was passed. For example, congress passed the Farm Bill in June of 2008. This bill targeted services for “Substantially Undeserved Trust Areas”. The Farm Bill’s primary goal was to identify and improve the availability of programs to assist the neglected areas of Native American communities. Since this bill, there have been provisions to include the use of 2% of loans and extended repayment terms for tribal communities....
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