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Checkpoint 2: Argument Credibility Peer Review The claims being made in the story “US Supreme Court rules warrant needed for GPS tracking” by Pete Yost are that the police have no legal right to place a tracking device on your vehicle without first being issues a warrant. And in the case that Mr. Yost reported about a drug dealer had charges dropped against him due to the illegal placement of a GPS device that put him at a location where drugs and drug money were hidden. My personal feelings on tracking devices are to use them on criminals legally to track their whereabouts so you know if they are doing something or going somewhere that the court told them not to. For example, a man on home arrest has to wear a bracelet on his leg so that the police can track him because he can only go so many feet from the house he is in. But if they are going to put a tracking device on just anyone without that person’s knowledge it better be done with a warrant or court order. The gentleman in question is a known drug dealer and was sentenced to life in prison until the
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