week 8 assignment - Developing Good Business Sense Russell...

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Developing Good Business Sense Russell Lester Bus/210 Sunday, June 6, 2010 Lorelle Davies I have in mind three completely different companies that I have worked for in the past. I am not sure if I can mention names so I will just describe to companies one at a time. The first company is a large scale computer manufacturer. At the time, this company did not build standard computers that could be sent to retailers and sold off the shelf. It made personal computers that were ordered and build for the customer and to their specifications. By doing this the company saved money by not storing inventory.
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All of the parts and inner workings of the computers were ordered at the same time the computer was. By using the JIT inventory system the company did not overstock on inventory it did not use and did not warehouse inventory in hopes of using it someday. The company paid for what it needed, when it needed it. I believe that this give the company a competitive edge because people are getting what they want and need instead of a general standard. The employees here are paid hourly with bonus incentives to build more computers in a particular time frame than required. There are several different lines to that are set up to build different types of computers. The beginning of the line picks out the components of each computer using a “pick to light” program. The computers stop in
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week 8 assignment - Developing Good Business Sense Russell...

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