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There is a local ice cream parlor type business, The Chocolate Octagon, that all town residents and customers love. It sells chocolate truffles, pretzels, and candies, ice cream, and bistro sandwiches. Middle and high school students go to it after school and mom’s and their toddlers love to stop in for a special treat. It is a small store front, not a franchise, and its employees are friendly to all customers. Being in the place makes customers feel they have stepped back into a 1940’s ice cream parlor or soda shop. The Chocolate Octagon’s business occupation is that of a chocolatier and chef. The owner is a trained chocolatier, who knows how to design and create chocolate foods and candies and a chef who creates lovely bistro sandwiches. The business commerce is found in the window displays and outdoor menu of the shop which clearly tells people what they can find inside and is
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Unformatted text preview: very tempting. They also often offer free samples of new items to tempt consumers to buy them. The business organization is very small, but there is one in place. The owner is normally in the back of the shop making truffles or other chocolate items or sandwiches and employees tend to work the counters, clean the tables, and help customers make and pay for their purchases. Together, the business occupation, commerce, and organization create a small town, old fashioned establishment that feels warm and welcoming to customers. They all act to support the goal of tempting customers to buy food and to enjoy the process of shopping at The Chocolate Octagon. They may be simple, but based on the type of business and the size of the business, all of them combine well to create an effective business system....
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