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checkpoint business organization

checkpoint business organization - T h e B l o c k I t C o...

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The BlockIt Company manufactures and sells printing blocks to newspaper manufacturers large and small. Samuel L. BlockIt founded the BlockIt Company in 1825. In 1825 the company was a sole proprietorship, ran out of Samuel's barn. Samuel did all the work from crafting the printing blocks to packaging and shipping the end product. It was not until 1830, that Samuel gained some help. Luscious S. BlockIt wanted in on the success of his brother and asked his brother if they could create a partnership. Samuel thought about it and agreed. However, Samuel and Luscious both agreed that this business partnership would be a general partnership and not a limited partnership. Both brothers would be equally liable for all aspects of the business. The BlockIt brothers and their company continues to prosper they hired a few employees to help with the manufacturing of the printing blocks and material packaging. Eventually their partnership included 12 additional employees! The BlockIt brothers' partnership had evolved into a Limited
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