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week 3 checkpoint - workers subordinates competitors or...

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Ethical Code Base all decisions on truth, justice, fairness, and respect for humanity. Act honestly and appropriately with all persons. Treat others as you would like to be treated and assure that others feel respected and valued in their interactions with you. Work to improve and achieve corporate and personal goals and disclose any potential conflicts of interest with others or with the company to the company. Act to improve what you can, help whom you can, and loyally support the team. These principles are not confusing or greatly involved. The simpler an ethical code is the easier it is to understand and follow. Truth, justice, fairness, and respect for each other is important to include in all decisions because, whether dealing with co-
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Unformatted text preview: workers, subordinates, competitors, or clients, it will help people remember that there is always a right way to act and that they are expected to act that way. The reminder to treat others as they would want to be treated is added to reinforce the first statement as is the requirement that others feel respected in their interactions. The goal to improve and achieve helps motivate and encourage people to move forward and to overcome any difficulties. The added requirement of disclosing any potential difficulties can help avoid any secrets which may be harmful to all. The last idea, to support all is added so that there is a sense of family all feel a member of. This can help build a good team, particularly as a company begins to grow....
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