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Week 6 Checkpoint Motivation and Teams Case Study One of the theories that I think that both stories used was the expectant theory. In the moving truck story, Mary Ellen Sheets expected the men that she hired to do a good job and to do it correctly. If something went wrong, then she fixed it. She saw the importance of having great customer service and the need for happy customers. She is so great that only 1% of the people that evaluated her business were unhappy with it. In the other story, Klaus Klienfield had a vision to be a top producer. He talked to his employees and motivated them to want to build a
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Unformatted text preview: product and for them to be a top producing company. Today that is where they are. I think that the main thing that Mr. Klienfield taught his employees that teamwork is what it takes to get the job done. Even the smallest job is something that counts if you are all working towards the same goal, working together is what gets the job done in the end. Because of this can do attitude that he got his employees fired up and was able to make a diagnostic scanner in one week what usually took six weeks....
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