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Jurisprudential thought

Jurisprudential thought - MGMT691 CASE ASSIGNMENT 1...

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MGMT691 CASE ASSIGNMENT 1 – Jurisprudential thought As we know the Nuremberg tribunals were among the first of its kind in the punishment of war crimes, these war criminals violated the laws that are not just limited to murder, ill treatment, or slavery of civilians across occupied territories which meant even people from other nations, and also murder or ill treatment of prisoners of war, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, destruction of cities, towns, villages. And these acts or crimes were unusual and inhuman cruelty done in the name of military necessity. So in a broader sense, a war crime is any act of violence by military personnel that exceeds the rules of war. War is by its very nature is pure violence, and the wartime   killing, capture, and destruction by the military  is considered criminal under the laws of all societies. Now on analyzing these criminal acts on the basis of Natural law, which are sets of laws that are held
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