A scout is helpful

A scout is helpful - .. Did her feeble cry woke me up?...

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A scout is helpful Why are you holding me? Are you an angel. ..... ? But, I feel safe in your arms Where are my parents? Where is my little sister? Let me think for a moment I know I was sleeping; but Heard some big sounds When I woke up. .. woke up. .. My house was gone I was with some broken roofs and My pussy cat sitting On my belly-crying.
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Unformatted text preview: .. Did her feeble cry woke me up? Don't know. .. Don't know But- but what's next? Man, are you an angel? Where are you going? Hope you will find my family Man, I am tired; my eyes are drooping Let me sleep Don't put me down. ..... Don't put me down Or my pussy cat I know You are help...
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