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Part One: Summary The article, “Use technology to save money”, by Kim Komando is from USA Today and it talks about how technology can help us save money by getting coupons online and on cell phones and receive discounts through them. The author, Kim Komando, shares her opinion that such technologies will help each of us save more money in different ways. In the article she provides lots of examples like, “Cell fire delivers local coupons directly to your cell phone”, “Current Codes, CouponCabin and RetailMeNot also list coupon codes”. This articles is very useful to everyone especially teenagers who but lots of things. If we get these coupons and discounts it will make the buying process easier and since these are accessible online and on cell phones, it is really helpful. Kim Komando uses very logical reasoning every time she proposes an argument which makes readers understand better. Part Two: Statement of Style Logos: “Of course, you can't use paper coupons at online retailers. But you can use coupon or
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Unformatted text preview: promo codes. Enter a code when you check out for an instant discount. It may be 10% or more. Details: For example, students can save up to $800 on Adobe Photoshop. Some manufacturers offer deals directly or offer discounts through the school bookstore. In addition, sites such as JourneyEd, Academic Superstore or Gradware offer students discounts Alliteration: Just print them out. Periodic Sentence: If you don't qualify for these discounts, save by buying refurbished electronics. Cumulative Sentence: Watch out for sites and clubs that charge you money so that you can save money Part Three: MLA Citation Komando, Kim. "Use technology to save money -" News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U.S. & World - . 12 Mar. 2009. 23 Apr. 2009 <>....
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