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Part One: Summary The article, “Manage your Face book privacy and friends lists”, by Kim Komando is from USA Today and it talks about how to manage your face book account. The author, Kim Komando, shares her opinion that even though most people spread horror stories about face book like “Employees get fired for their postings. Teens use the site to bully other teens” face book has a lot of benefits if we use it correctly. Komando brings forward lots of different ways with which you can secure your account, like how to set your profile private, how to set your contact details private etc. This article was very useful for me because I don’t have a face book account because of the stories and comments I hear about it from my friends and relatives. Komando always supports her argument with lots of reasoning which her audience can understand very clearly. Part Two: Statement of Style Logos: With this negative publicity, you may question Face book's benefits. Simply, Face book helps you stay connected with friends and family. Use it to share photos, chat and keep everyone
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Unformatted text preview: updated on your life Details: But, there's much more you can do with Face book. You can use it for business networking and promoting your business. You can also track down long lost friends or follow your favorite celebrities. Anaphora: Click Settings, then Account Settings. Click Manage next to Notifications. Click Show More in the Face book section. Periodic Sentence: To hide contact information, click Contact Information on the Privacy Settings page. Cumulative Sentence: You can block contacts from appearing in your News Feed easily: find one of their entries, mouse over it, and then, click the Hide button in the right corner. Part Three: MLA Citation Komando, Kim. "Manage your Facebook privacy and friends lists -" News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U.S. & World - . 30 Apr. 2009. 06 May 2009 <>....
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