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Education thing AP - Don't go to parties don't go to parties with boys always listen to parents never talk back to parents come straight home from

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Don’t go to parties; don’t go to parties with boys; always listen to parents; never talk back to parents; come straight home from school; don’t go to school early; don’t stay at school after school; don’t stay over at friends’ house; no sleepovers anywhere; don’t watch TV after 10 pm; never leave the lights on when not using; clean your room every morning; clean the house everyday; pray every morning; go to church every Sunday; attend Sunday school every Sunday; never stay up after 10 at night; clean your brother’s room because he is six years younger than you; clean your parents room because they are way older than you; only address teacher with Miss or Mr.; never address them by name (first or last); Don’t use cell phone until you’re of age; parents will decide when you get a cell phone; never address anybody older than you by their name even if they are just 6 months older that you; never go into anybody’s room; never look
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