F451 - Quote #1: "But now tonight, he slowed almost to a...

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Quote #1: "But now tonight, he slowed almost to a stop. His inner mind, reaching out to turn the corner for him, had heard the faintest whisper. Breathing? Or was the atmosphere compressed merely by someone standing very quietly there, waiting?" (5) The above paragraph is set before Montag sees Clarisse McClellan who changed his life forever, which in turn makes the plot of the story. The introduction of this character, a 17 year old odd girl gives the way for the whole story of Fahrenheit 451 to take shape. Fahrenheit 451 talks about a fireman Montag, who burns books everyday along with other firemen. Clarisse McClellan, a neighbor of Montag shows him the real world, the world beyond his life and how valuable books are . When she starts to talk to him about random things that interest her, he slowly realizes her impact on him and starts to turn against those who burn books. He was a fireman who just worked according to his boss's orders and never took time to think for himself. Clarisse showed him the opportunity to love books and understand the essence in them. As I read this passage it gave me a hint on something is going to happen that will change the man's life I am reading about. As I thought, and continued reading I saw my thought coming into life. The 17 year old Clarisse was able to change a fireman's thoughts, his work, his attitudes and in fact his life. This paragraph was really connecting with me. As Montag felt in his inner mind that someone is there: he hears something; I was able to hear my mind almost saying this is the turning point of this story. Even though it is merely a simple and small paragraph it hold the hook of the story, like someone waiting at that corner for his arrival: to change his work and him. As I complete the book, the importance of this small introduction to Clarisse is very relevant in finishing up an idea that is introduced in the book. Quote #2: “How did it start? How did you get into it? How did you pick your work and how did you happen to think to take the job you have? You’re not like the others. I’ve seen a few; I know. When I talk, you look at me. When I said something about the moon, you looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that. The others would walk off and leave me talking. Or threaten me. No one has time any more for anyone else. You’re one of the few who put up with me. That’s why I think it’s so strange you’re a fireman. It just doesn’t seem right for you, somehow.” (23-24) Here, Clarisse is talking to Montag, about how he is an odd person to be a fireman who burns books. Everybody thinks and tells Clarisse that she is strange, she is different from all her classmates, all the rest of the people in her society. She thinks about things that to other people seems abnormal, and because of that she even stopped going to school. During that time, she met this fireman who is strange and instead of ignoring her like others he listens to her and talks with her. She feels like he is not the right person for the job (to burn books) but to out fire (real
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F451 - Quote #1: "But now tonight, he slowed almost to a...

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