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The main idea of this article is that the drop in Hormone Replacement Therapy can reduce the risk for breast cancer. (1) Drop in breast cancer cases that began in 2003 is indeed due to women stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after a large, U.S. study showed surprisingly higher rates of heart problems and breast cancer among users of some kinds of HRT (2) "A woman who continues combined hormone therapy after about five years would double her personal annual risk of breast cancer," said Dr. Marcia Stefanick. That means if a women did HRT and she repeat that process again after five years it will double the risk of breast cancer. (3)
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Unformatted text preview: The only group of women who does not possess high risk of breast cancer is those who used HRT for only less than two years. This information will enhance my health because, now I know the bad effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy and as a female this information is very essential for me in my future to stay away from possibly having breast cancer. Knowledge about this topic also helps me to take precautionary measures to prevent breast cancer....
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