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health issue 2 - NSAID but instead continue its use over...

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The main idea of this article is that long term aspirin use seems to protect against colorectal lesion.(1) A study by Dr. John A Baron, a professor of both medicine and community and family medicine at Dartmouth Medical School proved that NSAID drugs do interfere with the development of cancer in the large bowel. (2) If you take NSAID drug for a while and then stop, you won’t get a big rebound in terms of adenoma tumor risk. (3) And if you don’t stop taking an
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Unformatted text preview: NSAID, but instead continue its use over time, the protective benefit will continue. This information will enhance my health because most people have a false belief that taking NSAIDS can give us some side-effect bu this article gives me information that I can use throughout my life....
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