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health issue 3 - cells that are growing rapidly, Nghiem...

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The main idea of this article is that Caffeine May Offer Some Skin Cancer Protection. Past studies have suggested that caffeine might offer some protection from skin cancer, and new research may explain why. (1) Researcher Dr. Paul Nghiem and partners found that in cells damaged by UV rays, caffeine interrupted a protein called ATR-Chk1, causing the damaged cells to self-destruct. (2) Caffeine has no effect on undamaged cells (3) ATR is essential to damaged
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Unformatted text preview: cells that are growing rapidly, Nghiem said, and caffeine specifically targets damaged cells that can become cancerous. "Caffeine more than doubles the number of damaged cells that will die normally after a given dose of UV," he said. This information will enhance my health because now when I take caffeine contained foods or drink, I know that it can do some good for my health and body. But still taking large amounts of caffeine is bad for health....
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