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health issue 6

health issue 6 - at the LSU Health Science Center in New...

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The main idea of this article is that New Fewer Sugary Drinks Key to Weight Loss. Cutting back on the calories in sugar-sweetened drinks, rather than food, may be most important. (1) Researchers who found that cutting back on calories from sugary beverages, by only one serving per day accounted for nearly two-and-a-half pounds of lost weight over 18 months. (2) Weight loss from liquid calories is greater than loss of calorie intake from solid food," concluded lead researcher Dr. Liwei Chen, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health
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Unformatted text preview: at the LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans. One reason for this is that the body is able to self-regulate its intake of solid food. (3) The researchers found that sugar-sweetened drinks accounted for 37 percent of all the liquid calories people in the study consumed. Among beverages, sugar-sweetened beverages were the only type of beverage type significantly associated with weight change at both the 6 and 18 months, the researchers noted. This information will enhance my health because now I know that I should avoid sugary drinks more than solid foods....
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