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health issue 9 - nose" said Ericsson(3 Basic flu-like...

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The main idea of this article is to inform public about Swine Flu and explain to them what it actually is. (1) Swine influenza is a known cause of flu in pigs. But once in a while, through mutations, it can acquire the ability to attack humans," Ericsson explained (2) "We know it's passed on through the 'droplet route,' which means that if I'm within three to six feet of somebody and they cough or sneeze I might get some of that spray inhaled through my eyes or
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Unformatted text preview: nose," said Ericsson. (3) Basic flu-like symptoms: a high fever, a bothersome dry cough, maybe a little gastrointestinal upset like belly pains or diarrhea, and general malaise. This information will enhance my health because Swine Flu has become a controversial topic now and its very necessary to be aware of the things I can do to prevent me from getting the disease and also share the knowledge with others....
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