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international traveler thing

international traveler thing - and cab fare In the drive...

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Analysis: 1. What method of travel costs the most? Takes the most time? Covers the most distance? The flight travel costs the most; it costs about $ 1590 whereas the drive travel costs only about $ 875. The drive travel takes more time than the flight travel. The drive takes about 164 hours whereas the flight takes about 125 hours altogether. The flight travel covers most distance. The flight travel covers about 6666 miles, whereas the drive travel covers 6629 miles. 2. What method is most related to velocity? Speed? The flight travel is most related to velocity and drive travel is most related to speed. 3. What are some of the sources of error in both methods? In the flight travel some of the error sources can be flight ticket costs, location distance
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Unformatted text preview: and cab fare. In the drive travel some of the error sources can be drive time, gas/oil, food and rest. 4. State reasons why the Internet flight time is different from your time? The Internet flight time only gives you the ideal flight time, my time consist of the total of time spent in airport(security), flight and also the time I took to get to the destination. Magnitude and Direction: From To Magnitude Direction Seattle Eugene 5 cm 54 o S of W Eugene Salt Lake City 10 cm 50 o S of E Salt Lake City Oklahoma City 15 cm 60 o S of E Oklahoma City Chicago 12 cm 34 o N of E Chicago Philadelphia 10 cm 80 o S of E Philadelphia Seattle 40 cm 78 o N of W Seattle Philadelphia 40 cm 78 o N of W...
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