The Namesake - Quote #1 "Ashima never thinks of her...

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Quote #1 “Ashima never thinks of her husband’s name when she thinks of her husband, even though she knows perfectly well what it is” (pg.10) This quote is the one of the best examples in the book that shows and explains the cultural uniqueness. The whole book is about how Ashima’s son realizes the cultural identities and values and implement into his life. All his troubles in the book start off with his name being too difficult to be pronounced by his friends. This quote plays a vital part in describing the cultural identity identified by Ashima’s son during his life. She has never addressed her husband with his surname even when she is suffering with the difficulties of pregnancy and it shows how much the Bengali ladies respected and honored their husbands. Later in the story, we can see how Ashima’s son realizes the value and honor his mom puts forth to her family and eventually succeeds in life. This quote was very fascinating to me. Being born in an Indian family from Kerala, I have witnessed the same cultural experiences plotted in the book. When I realized how much Ashima respected her husband I remembered how my mom shows respect to my dad in the same manner. I have never seen my mom addressing my dad with his surname. It was very valuable and interesting to see how much, still women in India follows their traditions. Instead of calling him by his surname she instead asked “Are you listening to me?” Even though every country has its own traditions and cultural difference being able to identify with certain cultural identities is very fascinating. Especially, even when she is in the most troublesome period of her life her consistency with the respect proves the everlasting honor towards their husbands. Quote #2 “I’m saying hurry up and finish your degree”; “I’m saying I don’t want to raise Gogol alone in this country. It’s not right, I want to go back” (pg 58) When Gogol was born, Ashima and Ashoke were in Unites States, and Ashoke was finishing up his degree in college. By that time Ashima starts to have a feeling that they need to be back in their home country when they can raise their son right, under the right culture and traditions. When Ashima puts forth this request Ashoke looks at her in surprise because he has already become a part of this new country and wanted his son to enjoy the benefits of this new country and the wide range of verities it has provided for everyone. This paragraph was shocking to me because throughout the book there is only very few instances where Ashima actually tells her husband to do something she wants. Usually in th Bengal culture, all the ladies listen completely to their husbands and never say anything against their will. But here, we see Ashima frustrated with the newly adapted culture and wants to go
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The Namesake - Quote #1 "Ashima never thinks of her...

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