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to what extend highschool goals are served

to what extend highschool goals are served - What is...

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What is education and what does it mean to be truly educated? Is a person who graduated from Harvard University considered truly educated? Is a wise man who only studied till 5 th grade truly educated? Is a skilled work man considered educated? Many of us think if someone gets very high degree like doctorate or masters are very intelligent and educated people. But what if they didn’t succeed in their family life, or getting a good job and getting the highest salary makes someone the most educated person? Education is a combination of gaining and sharing knowledge. To me, an educated person is someone who has a pretty good education, who is wise, and who is skilled and who knows how to live in this world, who knows their surroundings and someone who has common sense. Does the students who graduate from our high schools getting a true education? No, the students are being fed only what they need to know in order to pass their classes, but they are not taught how to live their lives outside of schools. Even though
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