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John A. Bryant Kellogg’s Special K. Dear Mr. Bryant, Kellogg’s products have landed on millions of dining tables since 1906, and I am disappointed to say that I think Kellogg’s Special K. goods are not properly advertised. Special K. is the best-selling creation out of all the foods your brand has released, and research statistics show that the cereal product is one of the most popular ways to lose weight in a short amount of time. I’m afraid the hyperbole emphasized in Special K. products are quite misunderstood, as for your company is trying to highlight the fact that the Special K. diet would help a consumer to “lose up to six pounds in two weeks” or “drop a jean size in less than two weeks.” Ironically, Special K. accentuates the healthy choices the buyers are making as
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Unformatted text preview: they use your product, but six pounds in two weeks is not realistic or very firm. A simple statement of reality would resolve the problem of the product, for example, a warning citing possible consequences such as saying that consuming Special K. for weight loss might cause probable yo-yo effects if the dieter starts to eat regularly afterwards. As a fan of Kellogg’s goods, I respectfully require the brand to produce more accurate foods that allows the shoppers to feel comfortable about what they are consuming. I am looking forward to a clear reply and a conceivable resolution for this problem. As a consumer, I would love Kellogg to keep the business’s standards as they keep producing what’s good for the millions of Special K. buyers. Yours sincerely,...
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