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Check-Point : Employee Profile MGT/245 My work values are defined on both integrity and honesty. I allow myself to apply myself efficiently and diligently to any job. I care about having the discipline to meet and complete deadlines and I care about punctuality. Just like a lot of 1
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other workers, I have discovered in my past employment that other employees have been ineffective, unskilled, uncooperative, political, and antagonistic within their motivations. My response to the issues is that I have been able to keep up a neutral stance in order to keep conflict within the workplace minimized. If I respond to other employees politely, cooperatively, professionally, and calmly, it will decrease stress on me and I will be able to do my job better. I have self-disciplined myself to work this way to make sure that I can bring my best to the workplace. I believe that the foundation of my work values is my family. They were there to teach me integrity and discipline in a lot of things. Both my parents and brother have helped teach me these things since I was
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Checkpoint_Employee Profile - 1 Check-Point: Employee...

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