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Free Response for Midterm - 2 The Constitution was created...

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2. The Constitution was created in 1787 in order to create an effective way to govern the nation as a whole. It separates and limits the powers of the federal government as well as the state governments. After the adoption of the Constitution, both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were able to create a stable government. George Washington was elected into presidency in April 30, 1789 and thus became the first president of the United States. He was a great leader and did not over exercise his power as the president. He established his own cabinet. Rather than being in charge of all national issues, he chose certain people to be heads of the executive branch government to help him run the office. This helped set the precedents on how other presidents should rule. He also created a new army and navy. In 1794, a group of Pennsylvania farmers rioted against the tax collectors for the excise tax on whiskey. Washington then sent a militia force to control the rebels. The ‘Whiskey Boys’ quickly broke up, as they were fearful of the militia. As a result, the government was strengthened. Near the end of Washington’s presidency, he established a proclamation of Neutrality that declared the U.S to be neutral toward the war between Britain and France and also to advise citizens to be unprejudiced to Britain and France. Washington believed that the key to a stable nation and government was to stay out of wars. Even though people were against it, he did this to
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Free Response for Midterm - 2 The Constitution was created...

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