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CHEM 14A Instructor: Dr. Laurence Lavelle FALL 2000 QUIZ AND EXAM SCHEDULE QUIZ NUMBER WEEK GIVEN Quiz # 1 Starting Wednesday Jan. 17 (Covers 1st three lectures) Quiz # 2 Starting Wednesday Jan. 24 (Covers next three lectures) Review session: Friday Feb 2, CS50, 5pm Wednesday Feb. 7 - First Midterm Exam - All material up to and including Feb. 2. Quiz # 3 Starting Wednesday Feb. 21 (Covers next five lectures after 1st midterm material) Review session: Wednesday Feb 28, CS50, 4pm
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Unformatted text preview: Friday, March 2 - Second Midterm Exam - All material from first midterm exam up to and including Feb. 26. Quiz # 4 Starting Wednesday March 7 (Covers next two lectures after 2nd midterm material) Review session: Friday March 16, CS50, 5pm Final Exam: Wednesday, March 21, 11:30am - 2:30pm All material with approximately 50% on topics covered since 2nd midterm. Missed quizzes may be made up in your TA's office hour as agreed between you and your TA ....
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