Week 7 Checkpoint - that is their only way to react. I...

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Appropriate Emotional Response Jessica Corcoran Week 7 Checkpoint May 23, 2011 Kelly Flemm AED 202
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There are a lot more than four characteristics I think that come to mind for me because as a mother or just a person in general I have experienced a lot of emotions and not always known how to deal with them or how to deal with them if my three year old daughter has gone through them. I chose happiness and I think that its always a good sign because happiness brings on smiles and laughter and Spontaneity. I think that happiness is a very healthy emotion and its always really good for a child to show happiness. Happiness is going to be shown in infancy and early childhood and middle childhood and adolescence. Anger is an emotion everyone will go through and can experience with anything that may be going on in their life. Anger shows frowns and angry expressions, a person can go through retaliation if they feel like
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Unformatted text preview: that is their only way to react. I think that the child they gave for an example in the text has every right to be angry its an emotion that is hard to deal with yet in her situation it can also be jealousy. Sadness is another emotion that is expressed though all ages and even adult hood and can be hard to deal with if you dont know how to handle your emotions. Sadness can be developed by a death and or something changing in your life. Sadness can also conflict in retaliation if its not handled correctly. Anxiety is also a known emotion in a lot of people because a lot of times people have anxiety over changes and the result in anxiety is a disorder that can be hard to handle as well yet all adults can experience it, as far as infants they can deal with a different kind of separation which is called separation anxiety....
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Week 7 Checkpoint - that is their only way to react. I...

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