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Gilgamesh Reading Questions: Name: Lejla Topalovic 1. Why does Enkidu leave the herd and journey to Uruk? Enkidu leaves the herd and journey to Uruk because, he wants to defeat Gilgamesh. Also,he is curious about the pleasures and wonders of the city of Uruk. And of course about seeing Gilgamesh and challenging him to a contest of strength. 2. Who is Humbaba? Humbaba is a fearsome monster, the demon. 3. Why does Ishtar have the Bull of Heaven loosed upon Uruk? Ishtar is angry because Gilgamesh refuses to be her husband and not be part of her plaything. Therefore she demands that they let her use the Bull of Heaven to turn the bull loose so she can watch him gore Gilgamesh to death. 4. Why did Enkidu die? Enkidu died because he helped Gilgamesh defeat the Bull of Heaven and the Humbaba, and the God’s were saying that Enkidu must be the one to die. He was striken with an illness for killing Humbaba and theBull. He died because the God’s wanted revenge to prompt Gilgamesh to search for immortality. 5. Who guards the gate between the twin towers of Mt. Mashu that Gilgamesh must pass on his quest to
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