Homework Assignment 1 (Discussion Questions for Donner Company Case)

Homework Assignment 1 (Discussion Questions for Donner Company Case)

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Unformatted text preview: Discussion Questions for Donner Company Case: Writeup for Donner Company should be turned in at the beginning of next class (February 6). This is a group exercise. Consider the following questions in your analysis (5 pages max, excluding exhibits): 1) Flowchart the typical order's physical process flow. 2) What order size policy would you institute for the CNC drill? For the CNC router? 3) Plug the required info into the "DONNER.XLS" Excel model. What do your results tell you? 4) What is the utilization of operations such as the CNC drill, CNC router, and artwork generation? The plant as a whole? What else does Exhibit 2 reveal about Donner's operations? 5) Develop a flow chart of the information flows within the Donner system. 6) What is your explanation for each of the problems mentioned by Plummer? 7) What specific actions should Mr. Plummer take to solve these problems? ...
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