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1. A contract is formed when two parties promise to perform an act in the future: TRUE 2. An advertisement is generally an invitation to negotiate: TRUE 3. Jill make s promise to Ken. Ken is: a promisee 4. Jill promises to pay Kyle $500 because he does not have as much money as other people. Jill promise is: not enforceable because Kyle has not given consideration in return. 5. Doug, a minor, signs a contract to buy a truck from Eagle Autos by misrepresenting his age to be twenty-one. When Doug fails to make the payments, Eagle sues, and Doug tries to dis-affirm the contract. Doug: can return the truck and avoid any further liability. 6. Dina, en employee of Eagle Industries, is injured in a work-related accident. Based on the diagnosis of Frank, a doctor accepts $50,000 from Eagle and waives the right to future claims. Frank s diagnosis later proves to have been wrong. According to the reasoning of the court in case 10.1, Roberts v. Century Contractors, Inc. Frank s misdiagnosis is, in terms of its impart on Dina
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Unformatted text preview: s agreement with Eagle: a mutual mistake of fact. 7. Sam contract to harvest Tina s crop on August 1. Due to bad weather, Sam cannot perform on the specified date. In this situation: the contract is suspended. 8. On April 1, KO Contractors, Inc. Contracts to build a store for Lo-Cost Jewelry a specific location in Metro City. On May 1, Metro changes its zoning laws to prohibit the construction of a commercial building at the location. Lo-Cost files a suit aagainst KO. In this situation: the contract is discharged. 9.Carol pays Dick $10,000 for Dick to design an advertising campaign for Carol s health club. The next day, Dick tells carol that he has accepted a job in New York an cannot design the campaign. Carol files a suit against dick. Carol can recover: $10,000. 10. Dan hires Eve to perform at Dan s Club, but Eve later breaches the agreement to accept a higher-paying job at First Star Arena. Dan files a suit gainst Eve. The court will most likley: award damages to Dan....
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