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1. Under the UCC, a sale occurs when title passes from a seller to a buyer for a price. TRUE 2. Patents and copyrights are property that does not come under Article 2. TRUE 3. NuTech Company agrees to sell computer equipment to Office Stores, inc (OSI) for OSI to make to its customers. Their construct will be unenforceable if it does not include: the quantity of the goods. 4. United Farms offers to sell Value Bakeries, Inc., fifty bushels of wheat. values representative Wendy responds, We agree to buy fifty bushels only if the wheat is Grade A quality. Wendy s statement is: a counteroffer. 5. Kelly offers to buy 1,000 gallons of oil from Jim for fifty cents per gallon. Jim believes Kelly offers $1 per gallon and orally agrees to the sale and promptly ships the oil. When the parties later dispute the price in court. Jim s claim of $1 and Kelly s testimony that she offered fifty cents: support an enforceable contract for a price of fifty cents per gallon.
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