bus law ch5

bus law ch5 - 1. State agency regulations take precendence...

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1. State agency regulations take precendence over conflicting federal agency regulations: FALSE 2. Generally, a state court can exercise jurisdiction over anyone within the boundaries of the state: TRUE 3. Cyberspace is its own juridiction: FALSE 4. Doing substantial business in a jursidiction exclusively over the Internet is not enough to support jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant.FALSE 5. An arbitrator can never render a legally binding decision. FLASE 6. A battery occurs only if the citim suffers physical harm: FALSE 7. Defamation is one person s use of another s name without permission: FALSE 8. For purposes of establishing negligence, causation in fact exist if an injury would have occured even without the defendant s act. : FALSE 9. Strict liability is liability without fault: TRUE 10. An offeree is a person who make san offer: FALSE 11. Offers may not be revoked before they are accepted: FALSE 12. An oral contract is an implied-in-fact contract:FALSE 13. An otherwise valide conract may be unenforceable if it is not in writing.TRUE 14. An offer does not need to be communicated to the offeree to be effective: FALSE. 15. A person who does not know about a reward cannot claim it: TRUE 16. A minor may dissafirm a contract entered into with an adult: TRUE 17. Clothing is not something that the courts have been willing to define as necessary. : FALSE 18. A minor s failure to peform an executory contract within a reasonable time afer reaching the age of majorityimplies dissafirmance. TRUE 19. A convenat not to compete is never enforceable. FALSE 20. No contract for a sale of goods needs to be in writing to be enforceable.: FALSE 21. When one party substantially performs his or her duties under the contract, the other party is required to fully
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bus law ch5 - 1. State agency regulations take precendence...

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