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Outlines Spook who sat by the door vs No-No Boy Law Justice violence Thesis- Throughout the history of the U.S. there have been many examples of government using the law and justice to impose violence towards people of a certain decent. Body 1 – Define three types of violence. Define Soveriegnty and bare life Bios vs Zoe. Explain how the government uses this to justify various acts towards Japanese and blacks. America is the first nation of laws. But whom is the law for. Is it for the white man or for all citizens of the U.S. ? Body 2- Compare No-No boy and spook who sat by the door. Explain how both novels portray the use of systemic and symbolic violence and the premise that the white man has sovereignty over the minority groups. No-No Boy example Internment Spook example segregation, low standards, bare life of blacks, considered lower then the whites, called niggers Body 3 – Contrast the different uses of physical violence imposed on the blacks and Japanese. Japanese drafting. Put lives on the line for their country.
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