IAH 207 Final Exam Notes

IAH 207 Final Exam Notes - Final Exam Terms and Themes...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Terms and Themes No-No Boy Strong theme topics to use – Axes of distinction, History/historicity, Performance Strategies,Law Justice violence. The spook who sat by the door- Axes of distinction, Law,justice,violence, performance strategies Prison writings- Law,justice,violence, performance,strategies, axes of distinction. The squatter and the don- Law,justice,violence , performance strategies, history Topics to compare and contrast No-No boy vs squatter and the don, Performance,strategies, history, law justice violence No-no boy vs the spook who sat by the door- axes of distinction, history ,performance strategies Prison writings vs the spook who sat by the door law,justice, violence. Axes of distinction , performance strategies. Prison writings vs No no boy - history/historicity Squatter and the don vs spook who sat by the door - Law,justice,violence, history/historicity. Strategies What is your thesme and thesis? State it up front and stay focused. “Sign post” tell people where your going. Tell your reader what your going to look at. Specific examples/particulars Citations 9 citations would be a good number use them in a strategic way. To whom are you attributing a partiucalar idea? To a character? To the narrator? To the novel/film itself? Don’t inject personal opinion:youre analyzing ideas that need to be assigned to a character or the text. Strong conclusion, which either elaborates the thesis in a more complex or complete manner, Do prewriting Create outlines, write some sample paragraphs Please answer your chosen question as compltetly as possible. A strong answer typically refers to and actually quotes from the texts under consideration (using page numbers for books) . Don’t worry about format with regard to citation; simply indicate the page number for your particular edition of a text. Basic grammer, spelling, and construction all count toward your grade. Also, the basic rules of essay writing count, too, so its important to craft a strong thesis statement and conclusion. Only use a few quotes from each book cause that’s all the time you have for Themes Four fold hermeneutics- 1) Literal- find the facts 2) Allegorical- symbolic [good/evil] something could be used such as faith. 3) Moral- learning how to live ethically 4) Anagocic- Mystical interpretation something such as nature. Axes of distinction- paganism, savage/civilized, race, and culture.These are 4 different ways to conceptualize and name the other of European-american whiteness. Racist: a person who advocates that one race is better than another. But a racist is also one who promotes the very idea of “race”. A person who advocates that some groups are savage....
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IAH 207 Final Exam Notes - Final Exam Terms and Themes...

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