IAH 207 Notes 12-7-11 Kindred

IAH 207 Notes 12-7-11 Kindred - Every question asks for you...

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IAH 207 Notes 12/7/11 Kindred Notes The axes of distinction (all four of them, operating over the last 500 years) are social distinctions and divisions, not in any way biological or natural or even legitimately descriptive of the world as it is. Piper suggests that claiming that you are color blind is not a sufficient answer. Fighting for black civil rights is also not a sufficient answer Example racism pg 145,160,162 Exam 2 hours 4 questions, and you answer 2 (one each hour)
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Unformatted text preview: Every question asks for you to compare and contrast two works(2 toal works may be films; thus you may write one of your answers on two films. In total at least one book or film must be chosen from the first of the semester You cannot write on 3 works you chose for the first exam. Youll pick 4 works from our total of 12 Each answr should be 2-3 blue book pages in length...
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