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Two questions , and youll answer one. Blue book 3-4 pages, single spaced. Open book, open note, our four books are permitted plus a dictionary. Your question will ask: compare and contrast either three books, or two books and a film. Short midterm review, with sample question, next Monday at the regular time. For Monday makeyour self a list of the 5 or six major themes. Think of which books/films you want to write about for each theme. Begin to gather quotations and arguments from each of our chosen books/films. Be specific. Use quotes. Worse thing you can do is give an incorrect interpretation of the novel. For example talk about character that didn’t actually do what you said. Be organized brain storm ideas. Another bad thing would be to be all over the place in a paragraph be organized have an
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Unformatted text preview: idea for each paragraph. Dont just start writing in your blue book. Go over what your plan of attack is. Have a notebook and outline your answer so your organized. Use targeted sections of the novel mark out sections you think are important towards any one of the themes. Pick sections that have multiple themes. Find sections that you want to talk about and have them ready to go. Be able to define terms such as axes of distinction,genre, and 4 fold hermeneutic. Brainstorm the big ideas. And think about what you want to be specific about. In compare and contrasting dont summarize one book then the other. Be specific and critical about each idea you want to talk about in each novel....
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