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IAH 207 Notes Oct 19th Zoot Suit Movie

IAH 207 Notes Oct 19th Zoot Suit Movie - IAH 207 Notes Oct...

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IAH 207 Notes Oct 19 th Zoot Suit Movie Luis Valdez(1940- ) Valdez was born in Delano, cali in 1940 to migrant farm workers parents. Zoot Suit (1978) Zoot suit was written for the theather, and it premiered in LA in 1978. In 1979 it became the first ever Chicano play to make it to broadway in New York. The film version followed in 1981. The theatrical version continues to be staged and performed around the country, most recently in a large scale production in Chicago. Context: Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case Was actually real but 12 men were arrested not 4. In response to the hysteria the press generated, 300 mexican Americans were arrested for the involvement of the death of Jose Diaz and twelve men ended up standing trial. Although there was a complete lack of evidence 5 men ended up being arrested for assault and 7 for murder. In 1994 they eventually won there case and were released. Zoot Suit Riots (1943) The zoot suit riots were a series of riots in 1943 during WWII that erupted in LA between white sailors and marines stationed throughout the city and Chicano youths.
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