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Word choice/Phrases Why are they interesting? Sec 312-319(Chapt.32) most important sections of the novel. 418-423(Chp.42) Critical questions that you don’t know the answer to. To do so you need to probe the text. Start a conversation. What is the 4 fold hermeneutic ? Exam question There are 4 of them. Literal, alegorgical,moral,anagogic . Hermeneutic means ways for reading. If it is literal you are trying to figure out real facts real info.
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Unformatted text preview: Alegorgical components is something that stands in for something else symbolicly. Moral, ethics what is best for you as a moral human being. Anagogic eluding to something beyond the text, what comes next, the after life. How does this section: Fit into the overall novel: For next Friday Squatter and the don Pg. #’s Atleast 1 idea from lecture. Have questions ready. Jacob dreyer Kyle redilla Ryan myg...
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