IAH207 oct 5th Conneticut Yankee

IAH207 oct 5th Conneticut Yankee - Hank Morgan goes out...

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IAH207 oct 5 th Last time On the one hand, Hank Morgan is not a typical working man, He has several thousand hired men under him. Hank argues. If hes a good autocrat or imperialist/colonialist , autocracy can be turned toward democracy. Hank also is divided between a politics of violence, and one of non-violence Mark Twain wrote hundreds of pages of anti-imperialist literature between the late 1880s and his death in 1910. Later, he worked closely with the anti imperialist league from 1901 to 1910. Politics of the spectacle Ch.23,219 Remember biography is not a literary interpretation. During the Masquerade Hank morgan meets and humiliates the blacksmith “Dowley” who is a figure for the self made man Ch.30,297 Ch.31 ,302
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Unformatted text preview: Hank Morgan goes out into the fields to understand law and personhood What is a man in general ?: Ideology Ch.18,162,Training Ch.21,191 Ch.25,239 Response to Ideology:catfish to Men to Minds Ch.17,157 Ch.43,434 Ch.18,164 The persistence of Rome In 1075, Rome became the supreme monarch of Europe, with the right to depose kings, An interdict is a barring or cutting off. The church cuts Camelot off from the benefits of catholosism Hanks Rhetorical Voice All rights emanate from and belong to the people Temporal confusion: how can I already that must be given to me first by some boss. Legality of Imperialism Treaty of paris (1898) Satire Hero cannot reconcile with society...
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IAH207 oct 5th Conneticut Yankee - Hank Morgan goes out...

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