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IAH207 Last of the mohicans outline

IAH207 Last of the mohicans outline - b Uncas becoming a...

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IAH207 Jerad Masse Outline Last of the Mohicans I. Thesis: Hawkeye rises above as a hero in Last of the Mohicans through individuality and his judgments without any regard to race. He becomes a leader and a symbol to the people that mean the most to him. II. Relationship with Uncas a. Transforms Uncas into a leader as his father figure
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Unformatted text preview: b. Uncas becoming a man III. Hawkeyes disregard for race a. Relationship with Chingachgook b. Considers himself a hybrid white by blood Indian by habit IV. Hawkeye natural skills and individual leadership a. Adaptations to his surroundings b. Perfect marksmanship c. Symbolizes a hero woodsman V. Conclusion...
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