IAH207 Recitation September 16th

IAH207 Recitation September 16th - becomes a father figure...

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IAH207 Recitation Paper Summary needs to be concise. “Trim the fat” get straight to the point. Unnessacary info needs to be cut. Who ,what ,where ,why,how. 3-4 sentences brief summary. Set the stage. Uncas He pushes the limits of moving beyond Hawkeye’s same-sex interracial friendships and falling in love with Cora, a white woman. In the end, Uncas is punished for his taboo desires. Hawkeye
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Unformatted text preview: becomes a father figure for Uncas, and Uncas eventually becomes a natural leader of men by combining the skill of Hawkeye with the spirituality of a revered Indian leader. Meaning or influence of a symbol or theme in the book 1.Beaver,bear. 2. Religion. one example is when hawkeye dresses up as a bear and they all take turns wearing the suit....
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