SCM 303 Sylaby upated

SCM 303 Sylaby upated - SCM 303 Introduction to Supply...

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SCM 303 Introduction to Supply Chain Management Fall 2011 Professor: Dr. M. Bixby Cooper Office Hours: 8:30-10:30 Monday and Wednesday and by appointment Office: N328 NBC Phone: 517-432-6413 E-Mail: Academic Specialist: Mr. Justin Jagger Office: IBM On-demand Supply Chain Lab (110 Eppley, 1 ST Floor ) Office Hours: By Appointment Only Email: Teaching Assistants: David Dreyfus and Robert Wiedmer TA Office- N110 Business Complex (note: not 110 Eppley ) Office Hours: Mr. Dreyfus will be posted Mr. Wiedmer will be posted Email: Mr. Dreyfus: Mr. Wiedmer: During their office hours, Mr. Dreyfus and Mr. Wiedmer are available on Google instant messaging (chat) : SCM 303 is an introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM). Core functions of SCM include purchasing, manufacturing planning, and logistics operations. Students will build a professional knowledgebase of the concepts pertaining to supply chain strategy, process capacity and management, supplier selection and development, forecasting, managing customer demand, inventory, and facilitating product transport and storage. SCM 303 is a core course for All Business majors and is a prerequisite to all upper-level Supply Chain Management courses. READING MATERIALS: The text book for the course is by Morgan Swink, et al. SCM 303 Introduction to Supply Chain Management: Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain, published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Only, the loose leaf version at the local bookstores includes an access card for Connect, a website which you will be accessing many times during the semester in order to complete and submit homework assignments. Access to Connect is required for the course. If you have purchased the book Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain in some other format, you will also have to purchase access to Connect separately Instructions for doing so will be given in class. COURSE ORGANIZATION : There are two sections of this course (SCM303-001 and SCM303-002). Each section consists of lectures/discussions (as scheduled) supplemented by required readings, guest speakers, and video material, as a well a laboratory component. All slides will be available on ANGEL. EXAMS: 1
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There will be three (3) exams during the semester with one comprehensive final exam. Each of the exams is worth 40 points, however, only three (3) exam scores will count toward your final grade. Thus, the total maximum points you can receive from your exams is 120 points making the final exam optional ONLY IF you've taken all of the first 3 exams. If you decide to take the Final, the lowest score from among the three previous exams will be dropped. Thus, if you score lower on the Final than in any of the previous exams, then the Final will be ignored. Hence, you cannot hurt yourself if you take the final. Many students typically improve their course grade by taking the Final. All tests are multiple-choice with definitional, analytical, and quantitative problem solving questions.
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SCM 303 Sylaby upated - SCM 303 Introduction to Supply...

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