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MKT 327 Chapter 18 Noes

MKT 327 Chapter 18 Noes - • Communication and...

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CHAPTER 18 (This chapter is shorter in terms of questions on the exam) Promotional Chapters: Personal Selling Advertising Promotional **** “.com boom” – 1995-1999 “.com bust” – 2000 (2 nd half of 2000) Didn’t “bust”, kept going up but just not at the same rate as before Trend over the years has gone up (selling/buying online) **** Permission Marketing Opt-in Opt-out 7 website design elements (7-C’s)—don’t need to memorize all 7
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Unformatted text preview: • Communication and Customization are most important • About Facebook- attractiveness is about how much time spent on it (I don’t remember what that means. .) Online consumer behavior likely to be: • Women (85%) Educated, young, affluent, diverse • Those with incomes of $75,000+ account for about 50% of online purchases Why consumers buy online: • Cost/ Price • Convenience SPAM- remember unsolicited e-mail Cannibalization was a big fear...
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