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MKT 327 Chapter 17 Notes - 1 Prospecting 2 Preapproach 3...

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CHAPTER 17 NOTES- Personal Selling: Ideally best form of selling because of the one on oneness Ex.) Door to door salesman (difficult today though) At its core it’s most persuasive in marketing *** Sales people: Link firm and its customers Are the firm in costumers eyes Play a large role in the marketing program Order getter: Typical “salesman” This is where the $$ is at…but have migrated (not sure what I meant by that) *** Fig 17-2 Stages and objectives of personal selling process
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Prospecting 2. Preapproach 3. Approach 4. Presentation 5. Close 6. Follow up [[ Look at objectives and comments]] 2&3- done via email in the business world nowadays 4- full on sales pitch *** Alec Baldwin – Best Performance movie Know ABC (Always be closing) and AIDA *** Compensation • Straight salary • Combination • Straight commission • Non monetary...
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