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Marketing Instructor Lake Paper and Presentation Guidelines Team-based Research/Marketing StrategyMemo Group size: 4-5 (See instructor for questions or deviations) Due: Paper due on last day we meet Paper length: 2-3 single space pages at most. Format: Select a company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research). Basic company overview ( half a page , main locations, employee #'s, net sales, etc.) What "market" are they competing? Who are their main competitors (think inside and outside the box/marketing myopia)?half page Who are their main customers (B2B, retail consumers, end-users, etc.)? What is their core competency? 2 sentences What is their apparent marketing strategy (you may find this via articles or annual reports
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Unformatted text preview: online, etc, but you should be able to think it through and give some insight, i.e. use the key strategy notes from lecture and the textbook chapters)? half page • What are some of the long-term environmental factors (and I don't necessarily mean that in a pollution, greenhouse effect sort of way) that have a role in the company's outlook? half page • Where or how can their business/company evolve to meet the changes on the horizon? • Anything we've covered in class/textbook that you've discovered via your research that the class and I will find interesting....
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