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Marketing Instructor Lake Paper and Presentation Guidelines Team-based Research/Marketing StrategyMemo Group size: 4-5 (See instructor for questions or deviations) Due: Paper due on last day we meet Paper length: 2-3 single space pages at most. Format: Select a company to research (most likely a public one for ease of research). Basic company overview ( half a page , main locations, employee #'s, net sales, etc.) What "market" are they competing? Who are their main competitors (think inside and outside the box/marketing myopia)?half page Who are their main customers (B2B, retail consumers, end-users, etc.)? What is their core competency? 2 sentences What is their apparent marketing strategy (you may find this via articles or annual reports
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Unformatted text preview: online, etc, but you should be able to think it through and give some insight, i.e. use the key strategy notes from lecture and the textbook chapters)? half page What are some of the long-term environmental factors (and I don't necessarily mean that in a pollution, greenhouse effect sort of way) that have a role in the company's outlook? half page Where or how can their business/company evolve to meet the changes on the horizon? Anything we've covered in class/textbook that you've discovered via your research that the class and I will find interesting....
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