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Midterm Notes Four fold hermeneutics- 1) Literal- find the facts 2) Allegorical- symbolic [good/evil] something could be used such as faith. 3) Moral- learning how to live ethically 4) Anagocic- Mystical interpretation something such as nature. Themes Axes of distinction- paganism, savage/civilized, race, and culture.These are 4 different ways to conceptualize and name the other of European-american whiteness. Racist: a person who advocates that one race is better than another. But a racist is also one who promotes the very idea of “race”. A person who advocates that some groups are savage. Anthropology -Study of human kind has two variants. 1) what is “man or human being” (primary axis of distinction: man/animal). 2) Differentiate one group from another “axes of distingction”. There a re 4 basic axes in race. Renaissance (16 th -17 th century) Christian v non- christian(religious space/time). Enlightenment (18 th cent) Civilized v savage (seculartime; progress) .Secular time meaning- Pertaining to an age, or the progress of ages, or to a long period of time; accomplished in a long progress of time; as, secular inequality; the secular refrigeration of the globe. 19 th century ,Multiple races (secular space; autochthony- defined as indigenousness: nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular plac). 20 th century , Multiple cultures(secular space; autochtony) In conclusion if theres a question on the exam concerning the axes, and you choose it, you should. Seek to compare and contrst usages of the various axes of modernity by asking whether different axes “make a difference” or not. Law,Justice,violence- Three kinds of violence: Physical: someone kills or bodily injures someone(blow) Systemic: a broad social system excludes and/ or impoverishes someone(law) Symbolic: someone is conceptualized and named against their will(name) All of our readings and viewings on law and justice concern themselves with one or more forms of violence, and how it might be lessoned or eliminated. Think about all 3 of these together for an essay topic. Religion – Gender and sexuality History - History troughout the novels. Declaration of independence – included in final draft calling Indians merciless savages. Excluded part was Jeffersons argument saying slavery should not be allowed, it is never mentioned in final draft but Indians were. Article 1 section 9 - Slaves are entitled 3/5 of a vote as of 1808. Removal act of 1830- Inaugurated a series of treaties forced upon native American tribes removed them from east of the Mississippi. Land act of 1851 following the Mexican treat took away the Mexican Americans land. Mexican mass expulsion between 1930-34 500,000 were removed to mexico. Operation wetback 1954 deported 500,000
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to 800,000 mexicans. Chinese exclusion laws- 1882-1943 all Chinese prohibited to enter U.S. 1942-46 Japenese American interment 100,000 japs were put into concentration camps.
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IAH207 Midtern - Midterm Notes Four fold hermeneutics 1...

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